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↬House Lemonade  $3.00

↬Iced Tea: $2.00

↬Drip Coffee $2.00

↬Morning Star Cold Brew  $4.50


↬Order ANY Espresso drink with your meal from Bert & Rocky’s HERE!




↬White Lemon Cookies $3.00 

↬Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.00 bag

 ↬Brownie Bites  $2.00 

↬Assorted Chips $2.00

↬2 Hard Boiled Eggs $1.75

↬Paleo Bar: $2.50

↬ Toast & Coffee: $3.75

Avo Oil or Butter

↬Toasted Bagel: $3.75

Cream Cheese, Butter or Avo Oil


~Soft Open Menu~

☙Protein Startups:❧


↬Yogurt Parfaits: $4.75

Yogurt, Berries, Granola, Agave


↬ Breakfast Bowl: $5.50

Egg, Cheddar, Bacon, Sweet Potato 


☙Energy Start-Ups:❧


↬ Breakfast Burrito: $6.50

 Egg, Bacon, Cheddar, Sweet Potato, Tortilla


↬ Yoga Burrito: $7.00

Egg, Cheddar, Sweet Potato, Tomato,  Grilled Veggies, Tortilla


↬Paleo Pancakes: $7.75 Choice of: Berry Compote, Maple Syrup, or Agave


↬ Overnight Oats: $4.50

Choice of: Cinnamon Sugar & Walnuts or Berries & Agave


↬French Toast Sticks: $7.50

Cinnamon Swirl Bread, Powdered Cinnamon Sugar, Maple Syrup

☙Specialty Toast:❧

↬Piggacado: $7.25

Avo, Bacon, Hard Boiled Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Seasoning, Wheat or Sourdough


↬Hot Hot Hot: $6.75

  Avo, Pepper Jack Cheese, House Roasted Tomato, Red Onions, Hot Sauce, Sourdough

Make Vegan $2.00


↬ Trees & PhD’s $6.50

Avo, Cucumber, Spinach, Tomato, Seasonings, Sourdough


↬ Classic $5.50

 Avo, Hemp seed, Salt & Pepper, Sourdough


↬ Lochs-nest Monster: $9.75

Smoked Alaskan Salmon, Cream Cheese, Red Onions, Seasoning, Everything Bagel 


↬ PiggyPorker Sandwich: $8.25

Bacon, Ham, Provolone, Egg, Cheddar, Avo oil, Bage

☙Breakfast Menu:❧

☙Lunch Menu:❧


~Make any salad a wrap +$2.00~


↬Roast Beef Salad  $9.55

Roast Beef Chunks, Lettuce, Cocktail Cucumbers, Baby Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Red Onions, Homemade Mustard Vinaigrette


↬Chicken Caesar Salad $7.75

Roasted Chicken Breast Chunks, Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons, Homemade Caesar dressing


↬Claremont Harvest Salad $12.95

In House Roasted Herb Veggies: (Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Eggplant), Spinach, Havarti Cheese, Red Pepper Cream Spread

Make Vegan $2.50


↬Berry Blast Bouquet Salad $9.55

Berry Blend, Walnuts, Blue Cheese,  Fresh Spinach, Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing

Make Vegan: 2.00


Add avocado: $2.50

Add grilled veggies: $3.50

Add berries: $3.00

Add any meat: $2.50

Add Cheese $1.50


~Individual or Trays available~


↬Roast Beef: $7.95

Roast Beef, CremeRash Spread, Provolone, Fried Onions, Lettuce, Sliced Tomatoes, Squaw Bread


↬Turkey: $6.75

Turkey Breast, Cheddar, Sliced Cucumber, Green Leaf, Mayo, Fancy Mustard, Sourdough


↬Betty’s BLT: $7.00

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Sourdough


↬AB & A:  $6.50

Almond Butter, Agave, Hemp Seeds, Vegan Bread


↬Grilled Cheese: $6.00

Make Vegan $2.50    


↬Vegged-Out: $8.95

Grilled Veggies, Mayo, Provovalone, Cheddar, Spinach, Wheat

Make Vegan $3.50 


↬Monthly Special 


*Soft Opening Menu*


Mon - Fri 6am - 6pm

​​Saturday 6am - 9pm

​Sunday 6am - 4pm


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Call or Text for Details



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